Puzzle 25 - get the sum of the digits equal to 25

Puzzle 25 - get the sum of the digits equal to 25
A unique puzzle. Move the numbers and get the sum of 25 in all rows and columns.

Everyone who likes logic games and math questions. We present you a unique puzzle game “25”. In the game you will move the numbers on the field 5 by 5, so that the sum in each row and in each column is 25.


It is not so simple as it seems, in our puzzle there are as many as 5 options for moving numbers around the field. Each of these modes has its own rules, but always one goal is to get the sum of all the digits in each row and each column equal to 25.


In the first game modes, the rules are very simple and the student can handle them. The third mode of movement, when the entire line moves is one of the most interesting and will take time to solve the problem. The last two modes are very complex and not everyone can solve this problem. But there are puzzles for thinking, and not just moving numbers around the field.


Game Features:

  • unique puzzle mechanics;

  • 5 game options, two of which are absolutely free;

  • all options of varying complexity, you can always find the one that interests you;

  • intuitive game interface;

  • beautiful graphics in the style of Leonardo da Vinci;

  • the game will be interesting to all puzzle lovers of all ages;

  • and no ads at all.


Try it and you will like it. Go through all the modes of our puzzle, it is really interesting, and sometimes it can be very difficult.